Game Boy Advance Shell


The outer casing of the Game Boy Advance.


The shell's color is 'Glacier', a kind of translucent grey.


The landscape design of the Gameboy Advance shell was designed by French designer, Gwénaël Nicolas and Curiosity, Inc., a Tokyo-based design company. Here is their design on the Curiosity, Inc. website: http://curiosity.jp/works/en/product/gameboy-advance.html

The address of the design company is: Japan, 〒101-0051 東京都千代田区 神田神保町3-10 松晃ビル8F


While many claim that Foxconn may have created the shell for this component, there is no direct evidence. Foxconn is listed as produced the Nintendo DS casing, so it seems odd they wouldn't also list themselves as the producer of GBA casing. With this in mind, we can say Foxconn may have produced the shell, but there is no solid evidence.

Assembly Location

If, we accept the idea that Foxconn manufactured the casing, it would likely be in the factory in the industrial district (Guangzhou), as the casing read "MADE IN CHINA".

E Ring 2nd Rd, LongHuaZhen, Baoan Qu, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China, 518109


The back of the shell designates that the casing was "MADE IN CHINA."

The GBA was probably tested by LGA Nürnberg (Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern), a German certification company that specializes in testing toys and furniture, as their logo is on the back of the casing. (http://www.lga.de/)

There is also a "CE" marking on the back of the casing, which stands for "European Conformity" (derived from the French translation: "Conformité Européene") (http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/everyday-tech/question135.htm) The "CE" marking is often placed on items manufactured from Asia sent to Europe, so this just shows that the system was approved by European safety standards.


The information regarding the design of the shell was found via Wikipedia, but verified by the cited source they provided (the company's website listing their design work, (http://curiosity.jp/works/en/ more specifically http://curiosity.jp/works/en/product/ and even more specifically http://curiosity.jp/works/en/product/gameboy-advance.html where they list that they provided the design to Nintendo.)

For finding the actual manufacturer of the casing, while the back denotes "MADE IN CHINA" there was not much to go on for who actually constructed the casing.


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