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Spacemaker Radio Receiver GE

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Here is an estimated timeline of the process of manufacturing for the Spacemaker GE model No. 7-4212A. As you might be aware of, much of the technologies and digital components of products found in the United States are not locally manufactured. From the data complied by myself and members of our team (Ester, Olivia, Abby and Marcus) we realized that much of the radio reciever had been produced in Southest Asia in locations such as, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philipines and Hong Kong. On this site if you click on the titles, at the right of the display, you can find out more information about this device.



  • ​Amplifier Circuit Chip

    • YR 104 M 2 5 V KCK

    • F427 M KCK

    • F223 Z H

  • Electrolytic Capacitor

    • 35-B-0032R

  • Light-Emitting

    • LM8560

    • Diodes: R15, R19, R28

    • Radio buttons: S002, S003

    • Resistors: C35, C36, C37

  • Loudspeaker​
    • ​N8C8088-0T17
    • ​Moving coils
  • ​Semi-conductor
    • ​T911BI-T13
  • ​Digital display
    • LTC 63701P-12S